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Will technology replace real estate agents?

Have you ever called customer service and found yourself shouting at a robot “other issue!” a million times just so you could speak to a real person? Yeah, us too! The reason we want to talk to a real person is because we, as humans, have individual stories, unique challenges, and complicated emotions. While a robot can offer convenience, it cannot provide loyalty, human intelligence, and emotional support.


We all love that one person we can count on to have our backs no matter what we’re going through. We trust that even if we aren’t around, that person will still stick up for us because they truly want the best for us. That’s what a good real estate agent will do for you. The market can be frustrating and out of your control sometimes. When you really need someone in your corner fighting for you, a real estate agent will do that for you at all times.

Human Intelligence

Clearly, not all humans have the strongest negotiation skills...Michael Scott certainly didn't. But real estate agents are professionals trained to use our human intelligence to represent our clients' best interests to the best of our ability. A great real estate agent will support their offer with knowledge and facts. (Insert quick Humble Brag: Alex Peters is a master negotiator in real estate).

Emotional Support

Randy Newman once famously said "When the road looks rough ahead, and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed, you just remember what your old pal said. You've got a friend in me." Sometimes you just need someone to listen to how you’re feeling, especially during one of the biggest decisions of your life. A great real estate agent will show up with empathy and patience when emotions get intense. You've always got a friend in us.

I don’t believe real estate agents will be replaced by technology, but I do believe agents will have to work harder to compete with technology to prove why our services are valuable and irreplaceable.

What do you think makes a great real estate agent? Comment and let us know!

Make it a great day, friends!